About us

Dr Amit Agarwal  yogacharya is a very popular & well known personality in the field of Yoga.He is spiritual master,well aquanted with the different modern indian therapies and spiritual practices like Yoga ,Acupressure,Megneto therapy,Colour therapy ,sujok,Reiki and Reflexology etc.He is a spiritual master  and a multidimesional guide and an expert Yoga Trainer. His simplicity  with deep wisdom and understanding makes him very popular and an enlightened master to all his disciples.

His center establised in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) In 2001 is famous for Yoga ,Holistic healing,Acupressure,Sujok, Megnetotherapy etc.

Yog-chikitsa shivirs  like Diabetese,Asthma,Obesity,Joints-pain, Spinal-problems etc.and Yoga workshop like Office Yoga or Desk-top Yoga in many Banks,Insurence & Goverment have been organised by him.

A PG dIploma holder in Yoga & Naturopathy ,he did Yoga instructor course from SVYASA Banglore .He got his Doctrate digree (Ph.D) on yoga related topic.He has been invited to read Research paper on Yoga in Gurukul Kangri University ,Haridwar(U.K.) Organised by "Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad" In the field of Acupressure  Dr.Attar Singh world renownd Acupressure Master has been his guide.He has also participated in super advance acupressure training  under the guidence of Prof.Park Jae Woo (President of International sujok  therapy Association)at Acupressure shodh praksikshan sansthan Allahabad.